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Structure of HZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant

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(1) The batching system
Batching system consists of microcomputer, weighing device, silo and open the door and other institutions. The cylinder door adopts the fan-shaped circular door driven by the cylinder, and the opening of the door can be automatically adjusted according to the specified mixing ratio of the microcomputer. According to the needs of the process, weighing equipment in turn to the silos discharged from the aggregate for metering.
(2) Feeding system
The role of the feeding system is to put a good aggregate into the mixing tank, which consists of hopper, track, hoist and limit device components. The hoisting machine drives the wire rope hopper to move in the track, in order to realize the feeding function.
(3) Cement feeding and metering system
Cement feeding and measuring system consists of three 100t cement warehouses, three 40t / h screw conveyor, weighing hopper, lever scale, vacuum devices and other components. When the microcomputer sends out the instruction, the screw conveyor starts to work, the cement enters the cement weighing hopper.
(4) Water supply and additive systems
Water supply system consists of water pumps, solenoid valves, turbine flow meters, water pipes, cleaning faucets, water filters and other components. The system of the material into the mixer evenly spray, easy to clean the entire mixing station, with a simple structure, reliable and so on.
(5) Stirring device
The stirring device of HZS50 mixing station adopts double horizontal shaft forced stirring method. It consists of two 18.5kW motor drive two split cycloid reducer, and then drive two stirring shaft rotation. Each mixer is equipped with a spiral distribution of the blade, the mixing tank wall are set with liner
(6) Unloading device
 The discharge device consists of discharge gate, cylinder, limit device and discharge hopper. When stirring for a specified time, the cylinder piston rod will open the discharge gate, the concrete from the bottom of the mixing tank discharge

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